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Kelsey Burns

Kelsey Burns is an Executive Functioning Coach with expertise in supporting those with ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, learning differences, and college transitions. Through client-centered, neurodivergent-friendly, and function-forward coaching, Kelsey's hope is to help you get unstuck, move through obstacles, commitments, and tasks more effectively, and overall suffer a little less.


Kelsey is particularly invested in helping her clients move through, and ultimately minimize, the shame cycle surrounding productivity that so many of us have internalized. With a focus on tangible tools, sustainable habits, and regular check-ins, Kelsey works with people of all ages to support gradual progress towards their goals.

Kelsey received her BA from the Gallatin School of New York University in 2016. Since graduation she has juggled her work as an academic tutor alongside a professional dance career. Initially a language specialist, Kelsey tutors in French, Spanish, Writing, Reading, as well as Executive Function. She has over a decade of experience working as a one-on-one tutor.

Based in New York City, Kelsey offers both in-person sessions and remote sessions via Zoom. 

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